PLURICO SPM produces

with cylinders from 350 to 760 mm
diameter size

integrated or independent


PLURICO SPM calenders range includes 350 mm – 500 mm – 600 mm – 760 mm rolls diameter size

Calenders are designed to work in line with a thermoforming machine, to produce sheet for bobbin or plate with maximum thickness of 12mm

Calender rolls:
• configurations: horizontal roll stand, vertical down-stack roll stand or 15° inclined down-stack roll stand
• AC motors and planetary gearbox dedicated to each cylindercalandra2
• independent thermoregulation water circuit for each roll, with centralised close circuit
• pneumatic or hydraulic roll movement

The calenders can be equipped with “cross-axing” device



The haul-off device can be integrated in the calander frame, in case of thermoforming in line production, or can be independent, in case of sheet for bobbin or plate production.

Longitudinal cutting device for side edge trimming with winding system for trimmed edges