designs and produces
Extruders and Coextruders
from 50 to 200 mm


obloPLURICO SPM extruders and coextruders range is from 50 mm up to 200 mm diameter sizes.

Water or air cooled extrusion barrel

Nitrided or bi-metallic extrusion barrel (L/D ratio from 32/1 to 42/1, depending on polymer request)

Universal screw, designed to process a wide range of polymers, or special screw designed to fit a specific polymer (the screw can be nitrided or colmonoy coated)

estrusore2Torque motor with permanent magnets that allows

• Elimination of gearbox and lubricating-oil
• Energy saving approximately 0.032 kW/kg of polymer extruded

or AC motor with gearbox

Gear pump and the static mixer included in each PLURICO SPM extruder.

Screen changer:
• manual
• hydraulic with single plate
• hydraulic continuous with double plate

pannelloFeedblock for various co-extrusion applications

Extrusion die with the “push and pull” adjustable device for thickness from 0.2 to 12 mm

PLURICO SPM lines are equipped with an integrated management software, flexible and intuitive for the operator (user friendly technology and applications)